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10 Great Tech Pranks for April 1st

To Err Is Human

Here’s one that will seriously eff with your colleagues’ days – you can make their computer shut off every time they try to open a program. Just right-click on a commonly used program shortcut (or add a new one in place of the usual program file), and edit the properties to change the target to: %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00. Every time that program gets opened, the computer will restart. Uncool! But hilarious!

To up the ante, use this to change all sorts of commands. Make the CD drive open whenever email opens! Set the volume to the highest value whenever the internet browser comes up. Go wild!  The nirsoft utility is a free Windows command-line tool that lets you change commands without displaying a user interface. Pretty nifty if you want to streamline your keystrokes -- or fool a friend.

You can also take a quick snapshot of your colleague’s desktop, then move everything off the desktop and set the snapshot as the desktop picture. When your unknowing coworker tries to click on something, it won’t work. You’re such a jerk!