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10 Great Tech Pranks for April 1st

Language Settings

I once had an old Nokia cell phone, and I knew the menus by heart – which came in handy when a friend changed my language settings to Arabic. With all the menu options moving from right to left, it took me more than a few hours of screwing around to change the settings back.

You can pull the same shenanigans on your coworkers. Forget pulling a phone prank, and go for Google instead. When someone leaves a computer unattended, simply go to Google’s home page and click on Preferences. Then choose your poison – leaving a work computer in Klingon might be a good choice. Yiddish is also appealing – or go for Thai and leave the user utterly baffled.

Somehow the language settings are difficult to change back – but that could just be the fact that nothing looks the same in Klingon.

To fix the language back after the prank just click on the " in English" link below the search box on the main Google page.