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Apple Watch Series 4 Could Go All-in on LTE

Apple may be releasing six new Apple Watch Series 4 models at the company’s upcoming iOS September event, and could be going all-in on LTE.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

According to a new regulatory filing, the Series 4 model list appears to be two models short from the current eight-model Series 3 lineup.

The list is included in a commercialization permit issued by the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), spotted by French Apple blog Consomac. It records six completely new denominations: the A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007 and A2008.

The EEC is the executive body of the Eurasian Economic Union responsible for controlling the EEU market and treaties. It is a pretty solid source when it comes to new Apple product leaks, as shown in previous filings.

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The current Apple Watch Series 3 includes two aluminum GPS-only models and six LTE models, two made in aluminum, two in steel and two in ceramic bodies. The French blog argues that perhaps Apple is dropping the ceramic watches.

But what if Apple is cutting the GPS-only models and only including LTE models in the new series? This would allow the Cupertino company to simplify its lineup (which is sorely needed) and could bring down prices by keeping only one set of guts for the new watches. Plus, Apple could keep the Series 3 GPS-only models as its entry-level watch.

Perhaps this is a sign that Apple has been able to make a truly workable LTE watch, which could herald an age of Apple Watches being treated as not merely accessories but actual iPhone replacements.