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Apple TV Shows Coming in 2019: What to Expect

You could be watching Apple's lineup of original shows this time next year.

A report from the New York Times on the company's streaming efforts reveals that the new content could come out as early as March 2019, or at least before the summer.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Apple has 12 projects in the works, nine of which were ordered "straight-to-series," without the company looking at pilot episodes. Apple's video team includes divisions for adult dramas, children's shows and Latin and European-aimed programming.

The Times' report suggests that Apple has went far beyond an initial $1 billion dollar budget. Why? To compete with established streaming companies. It says that Apple has outspent both Facebook and YouTube and TV studios, and, that "in a few cases, it has also beaten Netflix in bidding wars." While Apple told the Times it won't have the same volume as Netflix, it shows pretty clearly who it sees as competition.

Perhaps the one big questionable spot in the report is that Apple is looking at shows that go well with its "bright, optimistic brand identity." It's hard to make the next Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad when you're trying to jibe with the fact that auto-correct in iOS tries to keep you from dropping the f-bomb.

Hopefully we'll see what streaming options Apple has prepared by early next year. Whether or not you'll need an Apple TV or other Apple device is still unknown, but we expect that will be the case.

Andrew E. Freedman

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