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How to Listen to Beats 1 Broadcasts You Missed

Beats 1 radio, which features around-the-clock music and live interviews from top DJs, is one of the most lauded features in the quite buggy Apple Music service. Unfortunately, its programming started out as hour-long blocks that you could only hear live or in a later rebroadcast.

While that fits with a service that means to mimic radio, where you either tune in live or miss out, the limitation seemed unnecessary in an age when anybody can record audio and post it online. Luckily, Apple has started to make older episodes of Beats 1 radio shows available in case you missed them, though they're somewhat hard to find. The selection of episodes appears to start with those broadcasted in the last week of July 2015.

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So, here's how to find and play an old episode, specifically one from one of Beats 1's most unique shows: St. Vincent's Mixtape Delivery Service.

How To Replay Beats 1 Radio Episodes

1. Click on Radio at the top of the window in iTunes. In iOS, open the Music app, and select the Radio tab from the bottom of the screen.

2. Click or tap in the background of the Beats 1 Radio station banner. It's odd that Apple hides this content like an Easter Egg, but that's the way it works.

3. Select a radio show whose back episodes you want to hear.

4. Click the Connect tab in the radio show's page.

5. Hover over the thumbnail and episode title box for the episode you want to play. On iOS, you only need to tap the thumbnail to start the show.

6. Hit the Play icon to start the show.

The archived episode will play in full, just as if you were listening live.

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Henry T. Casey

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