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You Can Finally See Apple's Live Photos on the Web

Apple's GIF-like Live Photos are neat, but if you try and view them outside of your mobile device, you're just going to see a plain-old static picture. Fortunately, that's changing. Tumblr has just introduced Live Photos support for the web, meaning you can view all kinds of fun animated pictures from all over the internet right on your desktop.

As you can see for yourself on Tumblr's announcement post, viewing Live Photos online will be just like doing so on an iPhone — simply click and hold an image to watch it animate. You'll see Apple's circular Live Photos icon on the top left corner of any photo ready to suddenly come to life.

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But Tumblr isn't just hosting Live Photos on the web, it's also releasing source code so that other developers can add the same functionality to their own websites. We'll have to wait and see how many sites take advantage of this, but it would be nice to see Live Photos on the web versions of places like Facebook and Instagram, where you can already see them on mobile.

It's no surprise that Tumblr is the first company to bring Live Photos to your desktop — the popular blogging site was also the first to embrace Apple's animated pictures on the web.

Of course, you can technically share your Live Photos just about anywhere if you convert them to GIFs using apps like Motion Stills. But Tumblr is working to ensure that you can upload your goofy moving selfies and animated dog pictures without doing any extra work, and hopefully other social networks will follow suit.