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iPhone X Successor Could Cost $100 Less

Apple's iPhone X has been called too expensive by some. And now Apple is reportedly planning to do something about it.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The tech giant will offer the iPhone X successor in 2018 for $899, a $100 discount on its regular retail price of $999, RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani told investors in a research note this week. The analyst added that the price reduction is a response to the "limited success" Apple has had with its iPhone X, according to AppleInsider, which obtained a copy of the note.

At $899, the iPhone X successor would likely stand in the middle of Apple's new smartphone lineup. A 6.1-inch LCD model will likely be the cheapest version, since it would use LCD screen technology, which is less expensive to produce. It'll also rely on aluminum edges instead of premium steel, according to the analyst. There was no word, however, on exactly how much the LCD model might cost.

At the top of the heap, Apple could offer a 6.5-inch version of its iPhone X. That handset would come with the same "premium steel" you'd get from the iPhone X successor, but due to its larger screen size would likely cost more. It's possible, then, that the 6.5-inch iPhone X could be offered for $999 — the same price as the 5.8-inch iPhone X.

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Apple released its iPhone X last year with a revamped design, featuring a screen that covers its face. The company ditched the physical home button and Touch ID in the iPhone X and instead relied on Face ID. Apple's handset was also the first from the company to ever rely on OLED screen technology.

All of that translated to the highest price ever on an iPhone at $999. Although Apple tried to justify the price by saying that it comes with all-new features and customers could defray the cost with trade-ins and monthly installment plans at carrier stores, reports have said that the iPhone X demand has been weaker than expected. Studies have also shown some price sensitivity among consumers.

Looking ahead, Apple appears poised to address that problem by offering more devices at a lower price. But at least so far, the company hasn't confirmed its plans. And it likely won't unveil a new iPhone X until later this year.

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  • Brad_53
    If the iPhone X was too expensive for a large portion of folks, what did they do instead? Did they hold on to their current phones, purchase an iPhone 8 (or earlier), or switch to another brand?