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Forget Drones, Amazon's Cargo Planes Will Deliver Holiday Gifts

We've all probably been hit by delays UPS or FedEx shipments, so Amazon is adding a new member to its fleet in order to take complete control of the delivery process. That's one way to explain a Prime Air-branded cargo plane, a Boeing 767-300 aircraft Amazon announced today, which will join its current fleet that features 11 similar behemoths.

Image: Amazon / Business Wire

Image: Amazon / Business Wire

Amazon One, the first of its Prime Air planes, will make its public debut today (August 5), in a flyover demonstration for attendees of the Seafair Air Show, which is taking place in the company's home city of Seattle. Another 30 Prime Air planes will join the Amazon armada over time, and it's expected that the planes will reduce internal costs for the company and reduce reliance on third-party shippers. Prime Air planes will be operated by Amazon's air cargo providers Atlas Air and ATSG.

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You can expect to see Prime Air cargo planes provide an immediate boost upgrade to Amazon's delivery process, unlike than the company's delivery drone program that was announced in 2013, and still hasn't reached fruition. The short-range UAV program is still stuck in procedural limbo, as Amazon works towards approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The preview video released by Amazon doesn't give much details about any upside to the Prime Air vessel over others, instead opting to talk about the painstakingly hard work taken to plot out where the different color swooshes and Amazon's "smile" arrow logo would sit.

While we're not surprised that Amazon obsessed over how to brand the plane's shell, what really matters are improvements to the delivery times and tracking methods. Who wouldn't want to see a real-time moving blip on a map that shows the precise location of their socks and headphones?