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Amazon Planning Free Streaming Service for Fire TV (Report)

Amazon is working on a secretive new streaming service that could bring you free video content to a television near you. That is, if you have the right equipment.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The new service, believed to be called Free Dive, would be similar in its features to Roku Channel, according to The Information's sources. The service would allow you to access free movies and television series, but be forced to watch all of that content with ads. While it's unclear which movies and television series would stream on Free Dive, similar alternatives usually provide access to older, less-desirable content.

Still, Free Dive might prove to be a nice alternative to paid services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon's own Prime Video. But according to The Information, which cited sources in its report, Free Dive would only be available to Amazon's Fire TV devices. So, if you don't own a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or the new Amazon Fire TV Cube, you may be out of luck.

According to The Information, whose report was earlier covered by The Verge, Amazon has an estimated 48 million customers using Fire TV. That would provide a sizable market for Amazon to exploit.

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The Information's sources believe Free Dive would be a complement to Prime Video and in no way a replacement. The flagship content and titles, like HBO programming and original series, will likely remain on Prime Video. Older content would find its way to Free Dive.

According to the report, Free Dive is being developed by the Amazon-owned IMDB. The report suggests Free Dive is part of a broader effort by Amazon to expand its digital advertising efforts and attract more companies to its content. It specifically wants to increase advertising on both soccer and football programming it streams.

It's unclear when Amazon might launch Free Dive and of course, there's a possibility of the service being delayed or not even launching.