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How to use the Amazon Fire TV Cube

How to Use Parental Controls with Fire TV Cube

Just because your family shares access to a Fire TV Cube doesn't mean you'll want your kids to access stuff that's made for older audiences. With the Fire TV Cube's parental control lock, you can hide adult content, apps and purchases behind a PIN number.

1. Select Settings from the Home Screen.

2. Tap down, scroll right.

3. Select Preferences.

4. Select Parental Controls, turning them on.

5. Create (or enter) your Amazon Video PIN, which will be used as the password that keeps kids out of mature content and other restricted areas.

6. Select OK to accept these terms.

7. Click PIN Protect Purchases to lock the ability to buy content behind your PIN.

8. Select Viewing Restrictions.

9. Click age groups to lock those behind the PIN.

10. Select PIN Protect App Launches to make it so that users need to enter your PIN to open any and all apps and games.

11. Select PIN Protect Prime Photos App to lock Prime Photos access behind your PIN.

12. Click Change PIN if Junior cracks your code.

You've mastered Parental Controls for the Fire TV Cube!

Henry T. Casey

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