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Windows Phone 7 is Xbox Live Arcade Ready

Consumers looking forward to the new Windows Phone 7 will be in for a treat when it finally hits the market. According to Oded Ran, head of Consumer Marketing for Windows Phone, all games loaded on Xbox Live Arcade may be playable on the mobile OS. That's over 300 titles including Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Marathon, Portal: Still Alive, Serious Sam HD, and more.

"Just four lines of code changed an Xbox Live Arcade game to a Windows Phone 7 game in a recent publisher test," Ran said during a roundtable briefing in London. Does that seem likely given that these games are configured to work with an Xbox 360 controller? Will games only need four lines of additional code in order to work on a smartphone?

According to Ran, Microsoft is currently working with publishers and developers to port the Arcade games over to the mobile platform. But there was also no indication that the games would be available at launch, or if Microsoft planned to release only specific titles--we imagine certain game availability would (obviously) depend on the smartphone's hardware.

At one time there were rumors that Microsoft was working on a handheld Xbox system. Is it possible the rumors could have been pointing at Windows Phone 7, and its ability to play games off Xbox Live Arcade, the whole time?

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  • Looking like a home run!
  • SneakySnake
    how's the performance though?

    Cuz Battlefield 1943 is on XBLA, and I'd like to see that running on the phone.
  • dman3k
    4 lines of code??? TGTBT???

    If so... bye bye Android... we had a GREAT run, but it's not you, it's me. I like games.
  • zaznet
    This is a "we might be able to" and not a "we are doing" sort of statement from Microsoft.

    Now if the ported games allow me to download for free if I own the same Xbox 360 Arcade game then I'd be quiet pleased with this feature.

    As it stands it's a rapid development method for ensure lots of competition to the iPhone and Android App Stores.
  • Frag Mortuus
    That would be awesome for new games like Risk: Factions or other board-game type applications. But, for games like Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, it will be pretty unlikely.

    The potential is awesome, though!
    This looks promising :)
  • sidran32
    This is very likely. But it does all hinge on how they adapt controls. I don't know how the control scheme for WP7 will be, but I do know from experience that just by changing compile options, you can take a game made with XNA that runs on Windows and turn it into a game that runs on XBox. Definitely not too good to be true, in my opinion.
  • why would you honestly want to play BF 1943 on a phone?
  • alphadark
    zoltekwhy would you honestly want to play BF 1943 on a phone?
    Um, just because. My motorola Droid hangs up with all the trashware on the Marketplace. This will be the first time I get a new phone before my contract is up. Sorry google some QC would of made me stay, but everytime I listen to slacker radio I get through about 4 songs then need to reboot my phone.... Lame
  • razercultmember1
    ARM + NVIDIA Ion = win for xbla games lol