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CES '09: Toshiba SCiB Battery Charges 4X Faster

Toshiba's upcoming super charge ion battery technology promises increased battery charging speeds for notebooks and other devices.

Toshiba was showcasing its yet-to-be released SCiB battery technology, which it claims to allow for recharge times of four times the speed of regular lithium ion batteries. In just ten minutes of charging, a notebook battery using SCiB technology can be charged to 90-percent of its full capacity. Toshiba had both internal and external notebook batteries using the SCiB technology on display.

The new SCiB technology differs from traditional lithium battery technology in that it uses cobalt instead of carbon.  Currently no products have been released that use the new technology, but prototypes using SCiB technology are working flawlessly.

Although exact release dates and prices have not yet been disclosed, new products using the technology are expected shortly.  Toshiba plans on sharing the SCiB technology with other manufactures, so the new technology will not be limited to simply Toshiba notebooks.

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  • ckthecerealkiller
    Good to hear, I'm glad to see that most manufacturer's are running with this new "green" trend. It gives me more clout to silence the whiners who complain about global warming. Most of them expect everyone to make drastic lifestyle change. Change comes with time and I'm glad to see we are heading in some direction.