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Disney: New 'Star Wars' Films Every Summer Starting 2015

Back in October, George Lucas stunned a lot of people when he sold LucasFilms and the rights to the Star Wars franchise to Disney. Announced during the acquisition, Disney revealed that there would be an Episode VII and it would be out in 2015. A little later, the company said it would also be making standalone movies based on individual characters from the Star Wars franchise. This week, word got out on how the company plans to schedule all these movies.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn this week confirmed that the company plans to release new Star Wars episodes every other summer starting with Episode VII in 2015. Meanwhile, the gap summers will be filled with the spin-off movies that were mentioned back in February.

It's not yet clear which characters will get their own stories, but rumors point to Yoda, Boba Fett, and Han Solo. We also don't know just how many of these spin-off movies Disney has planned.

LucasFilm, which was 100 percent owned by LucasFilm Chairman and Founder, George Lucas, was sold to Disney as part of a deal worth $4.05 billion last October. Disney said at the time that it would pay roughly half of the consideration in cash and then issue approximately 40 million shares at the closing stage. Lucas said that he felt it was time for the franchise to be passed on to a new generation. Evidently, this new generation is going to see more Star Wars than any other.

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