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New Sound Blaster Recon3D Fits Mac, PC, Consoles

Thursday Creative announced its new Sound Blaster Recon3D line of audio cards that's powered by the "world's first" quad-core sound and voice processor, the Creative Sound Core3D. This new line consists of three different sounds cards – the Sound Blaster Recon3D, the Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional and the Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion – and a headset bundle called the Sound Blaster Recon Omega.

"Designed by Creative's in-house team of audio scientists and engineers, Sound Core3D is engineered for low power consumption and high performance," the company said. "It incorporates Creative's innovative patented Quartet digital signal processor (DSP) with four independent processor cores, and is the first processor to integrate an array of DSP cores with high-quality HD audio codecs of over 100dB on a single chip, giving it tremendous versatility for PC and embedded configurations."

All three Sound Blaster Recon3D PCI Express sound cards will feature 6-channel 24-bit 102dB DACs, 4-channel 24-bit 101dB analog-to-digital (ADC) converters, integrated headphone amplifier-out, a digital microphone interface, S/PDIF inputs and outputs and general purpose inputs and outputs (GPIO). And thanks to the quad-core processor, all three cards will provide hardware-accelerated THX TruStudio Pro and select CrystalVoice audio technologies including Acoustic Noise Cancellation, Smart Volume and more.

According to Creative, the base Sound Blaster Recon3D card is slated for availability in October for $129.99 USD, and will be available in both PCI Express and USB versions, the latter of which will work with an Xbox 360, PS3, PC or Mac without requiring the user to install drivers.

The Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion edition, slated to arrive in Q1 2012, will also include a separate I/O drive packed with headset mini-jacks, volume control and audio input connectivity options. The card itself will also include a high-quality beam-forming microphone and software that enables quick and easy switching between multi-channel speaker settings and headsets or headphones.

As for the Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional, it will be similar to the Champion Edition but won't feature a separate I/O drive. Instead, I/O connectivity will be on the sound card itself for those who don't want a load of audio jacks appearing on the front of the PC. The Professional card will also include the high-quality beam-forming microphone, allowing advanced voice communication without the need for the headset by leveraging CrystalVoice Echo Cancellation, CrystalVoice Focus and CrystalVoice Active Noise Reduction.

In addition to the three cards, the company also said it plans to release a bundle called Sound Blaster Recon Omega which will include a USB version of the base Recon3D card, a TacticLink wireless card and the Tactic3D Omega Headset for wireless audio and communications on all platforms.

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  • Thunderfox addon sound card for consoles? WTF? More info on this is needed. How could it possibly work for everything? It's not like consoles were designed to be able to disable their onboard audio. Or does it just use USB for power and reprocess the digital output from the console in some way, and if so, why bother?
  • outlw6669
    Way to miss the mark again Creative :pfff:
  • Ahhh Sound Blaster. I remember when all you needed was one of them and a 3DFX Voodoo 2 card and you officially had a ninja PC
  • back_by_demand
    ThunderfoxOr does it just use USB for power and reprocess the digital output from the console in some way, and if so, why bother?Because anyone who has a good sound post-processing amp for either a HiFi or a Home Theatre setup knows the difference between good sound quality and standard output.

    Of course, if you are prepared to spend this kind of cash just buy a decent AV amp and let that do the same job via the HDMI and don't buy this.
  • nukemaster
    THX TruStudio Pro....meh....i preferred CMSS 3d to this.
  • CaedenV
    Man, so sad to see such a great company continue to circle the toilet. I spent good money on an Audigy Platinum EX card with external breakout box. It did good game audio, and had very clean inputs for doing beginning audio recording. But now everything is digital, there is no need for signal to noise ratio unless it is in your amp.
    We all have USB headphones, or S/PDIF optical, or HDMI to our receivers these days, so why bother? And now on-board audio is more than good enough for all but the pickiest of audiophiles. And even for them there are much better sound card companies to go with.
    They had great sound cards until Vista/7 rendered them useless. They had several iPod killers that had superb audio quality in the Zen players that never got off the ground because of a crap advertising department. They have good on board chips, but they overcharge for them so nobody wants them. They have very clean audio inputs, but have never pursued breaking into the pro recording industry. They could easily license their DAC and ADC tech to receiver makers, but they don't.
    They are in such a great position as far as technology goes that they could take over the audio industry... if only they would hire an 8 year old to take over and run the business end correctly...
  • jecastej
    "6-channel 24-bit 102dB DACs, 4-channel 24-bit 101dB analog-to-digital (ADC) converters...

    hardware-accelerated THX TruStudio Pro and select CrystalVoice audio technologies including Acoustic Noise Cancellation, Smart Volume and more."

    This is like buying a decent preamp for your computer and is closer to true audiophile sound quality, but you better wait for professional reviews. And to really appreciate the sound quality provided by these devices you are going to need a good sound system, not a cheap gaming one.

    So unless you already have decent speakers and AV receiver or amp you better save this money and buy better speakers. Not to mention your other PC components.
  • rantoc
    "New Sound Blaster Recon3D Fits Mac, PC, Consoles"

    Hello Steves hardware ohh forgott steve is about to be rip soon - what was the new wanna be steve name? Ohh yeah Tim's hardware! List the by far least used machine first explains where this site gets its money from. Cheers for neutral writing!
  • keczapifrytki
    Finally a new Creative card. I have been waiting for some new tech from them, its been 6 years afterall.
  • koga73
    I just don't see a need to buy a sound card anymore... I use my motherboards s/pdif output to my receiver and everything sounds great... what could this card do that I don't already have?