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Solar Gadgets for Summer

Allsop Soji Kenzo Solar Lantern Cont’d

By far, Allsop’s Soji Kenzo Lantern is the easiest solar gadget to use. Once it’s been put together and has spent a day outside, it’s ready to work the night shift. When the sun goes down, or during a particularly intense storm, it will start up automatically, delivering a warm glow.

Inside is a rechargeable AAA battery that gets juiced up when the sun is out and powers the LEDs when the sun goes down. The pair of amber LEDs provides the bare minimum of light. The quality of the light is a lot warmer than the Lumileaf desk light, but it doesn’t come close it its output. It’s just about enough to provide an ambiance for dinner or drinks on the patio after dark.

If you use it on a table, you’ll need to weigh it down because it’s so light that a good breeze is all that’s needed for it to blow away. To make sure it stays put, I filled a small plastic bag with gravel and put it inside.

Now, whenever I go outside at night, it’s there and glowing.

Attractive designWind can blow it away
WaterproofHard to assemble
Able to hang as lanternNot enough light

Final Score: 3.5/5


Brian Nadel
Brian Nadel is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in technology reporting and reviewing. He works out of the suburban New York City area and has covered topics from nuclear power plants and Wi-Fi routers to cars and tablets.