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Solar Gadgets for Summer

Allsop Soji Kenzo Solar Lantern

Because they require a power cord or the continual replacement of batteries, exterior lights are hard – and often expensive – to wire up. Not Allsop’s Soji Kenzo Solar Lantern, which is quite nice looking, will never need a battery and works indoors and out.

The Kenzo lantern comes folded flat and after opening the box, you extend its white nylon fabric, resulting in a large egg-shaped object. It looks arresting and the gray plastic top is covered with solar cells.

While putting it together, the lantern is a little ungainly and it takes some effort to insert and line up the rods that keep it from collapsing. I was able to do it on the third try. Happily, you only have to do this once.

It can either be used on a table, hanging from a rope or wire with the included stainless steel hooks or sticking out of the ground with its screw-on spike. It works great at the center of a table on a porch for some late night barbequing or drinking.  

The best part is that once you’ve turned its switch on, the lantern can be left alone.  It charges during the day and at night turns itself on.