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Solar Gadgets for Summer

IOGear Solar Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit Cont’d

Pairing the Solar Handsfree Kit is a little involved but is quick and easy to accomplish. After pressing the device’s Main button to get things going, I heard a beep and the LED blinked and checked my Sony Ericsson W518 handset. The two linked quickly following my entering of the speakerphone’s passcode. It’s all explained in the device’s small Installation Guide; I’ve stashed it in my car’s glove box, just in case

The speaker phone had a range of about 25 feet, at which the audio starts to break up. In other words it’s perfect for inside a car or van, and can even be used for an impromptu conference call at a beach or a park on a picnic table.

In less than a minute I was making calls. When a new call comes in, just press the main button and it connects with the phone. The audio has echo cancellation and noise reduction but never gets loud enough to be heard over the wind noise with the windows down at 60 miles per hour.

Its 500 milli-amp hour battery pack was charged during daylight hours on an overcast day and powered the speaker phone for a little over nine hours of nearly continuous use. On the downside, it has a crude battery gauge that lights up a blinking red LED when it’s low and about to give out.

The bad news is that it’s likely that the IOGear speakerphone will outlast the battery in your phone.

Small, Light, Easy Cap Setup
Charge Length Fluctuates
Six Hours-Plus on Charge
Crude Battery Gauge


Final Score: 4/5