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Apple Killing Ping in Next iTunes Release

Unnamed sources are reporting that Apple plans to kill its Twitter-like social network Ping with the next release of iTunes. The news arrives after Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at its demise at D10 last month when he was covering the topic about Apple needing to be social.

In a conversation with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher in May, Cook said that Apple needed to own a social network so that it can improve the company's existing products. The social layer makes Apple's devices even more useful to people as seen with Twitter's integration into both iOS and Mac OS, he said.

When asked about Ping, he tried to dodge the question. But eventually he gave in and seemingly admitted to its failure. "We tried Ping, and I think the customer voted and said, 'this isn't something that I want to put a lot of energy into,'" Cook admitted, adding that he didn't know if the 2-year-old social network was indeed dead.

"We'll look into it," he said.

But now according to unnamed sources, Apple will close the social network in the next major release after the current iTunes 10.6.3. which is slated for a September release. The company will then reportedly shift its social focus to Twitter and its new partner Facebook entirely.

Expect an official announcement to be released soon.

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  • damianrobertjones
    Apple seems to be killing a lot more than ping:

    Re-install osx! WHAT!

    P.s. Why can't I post from Opera?
  • ravewulf
    I honestly don't know why they thought anyone would be interested in Ping in the first place
  • alidan
    ravewulfI honestly don't know why they thought anyone would be interested in Ping in the first placei would like a social network without all the crap that facebook is.
    google+ had some potential, but its a slow burn and no one really uses the features in a way that i was hoping for.
  • molo9000
    How can they kill what was already dead from the start?
  • @molo9000

    Drive a stake through its heart / Blow its head off
  • john_4
    At least Apple knows when not to beat on a dead horse.
  • kc32
    Anybody else read the headline and say "WTF" thinking they were killing the ping command?
  • halcyon
    iTune's PING. Useless. Really.
  • willard
    I think pretty much everyone saw this coming from the start. Ping was pointless and everyone knew it.