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GameStop Telling Lies to Sell Warranty?

The main goal of a salesman is to get you to buy a product, plain and simple.

Some go about it honestly, while others push the product into your face by sheer brute force. Some are downright liars, making empty promises or saying what you want to hear in order to make a buck. But combine a dishonest salesman with an experienced gamer, and you have another GameStop scandal.

Case in point: a GameStop employee told a customer that Microsoft is sending out kill bugs to Xbox 360 consoles in order to fry their motherboards. There is a hint of truth in there: the company distributed the "kill bug" to knock hacked consoles off the Xbox Live network. A side effect is that many consoles developed problems with the hard drive.

But the salesman twisted the incident in order to sell a warranty. In essence, Microsoft was purposely zapping console motherboards, so the best bet is to purchase an extended warranty through GameStop. At least, that was the overall sales pitch. The whole ordeal was detailed here, depicting a gamer accompanying a female friend--the actual customer--and their gruel ling experience in purchasing the console.

"The next 20 minutes at the point of sale counter ended up being an excruciating exercise in badgering," said gamedreamz. The ordeal started with a pitch about the console's dreaded Red Ring of Death, saying that the Xbox 360 was "definitely going to break in the next few months." It then moved into bully tactics and reverse-psychology. But it was after that when the clerk said that Microsoft fries Xbox 360 motherboards on purpose.

"It’s true," the clerk said. "They did it to people who played Modern Warfare 2 early."

Of course, this entire incident could be a farce. But as a consumer who was burned by GameStop on several occasions, the situation is not surprising. Keep in mind that not every GameStop salesman will feed you a pile of garbage: many are really gamers and want to protect their "kin." Still, this type of antics is outrageous, and should result in a prompt dismissal if it indeed is true.

What lesson have we learned here? Never try to fool a gamer--it will just make rounds on the Internet.

Kevin started taking PCs apart in the 90s when Quake was on the way and his PC lacked the required components. Since then, he’s loved all things PC-related and cool gadgets ranging from the New Nintendo 3DS to Android tablets. He is currently a contributor at Digital Trends, writing about everything from computers to how-to content on Windows and Macs to reviews of the latest laptops from HP, Dell, Lenovo, and more. 

  • Tindytim
    What lesson have we learned here?
    Never trust anyone that wants to give to you a store warranty.

    For many stores it's their bread and butter profit, and some put high pressure on their employees to sell, and even fool customers into buying them, even though they rarely apply until after the manufacturers warranty has expired.
  • touchdowntexas13
    Why would microsoft fry their own consoles when they are already having issues with RRoD? So they would purposefully add fuel to that negative fire? Sorry, but I don't see how he could expect to fool anyone on that story.

    My first response would have been: "Oh, so why does Microsoft want to fry their own consoles?"

    People these days...
  • amabhy
    What a jerk. Someone should be fired immediately.
  • cletus_slackjawd
    I've worked for companies like this. They pay insulting wages to their employees and the only way to earn any real money is to sell these warranties. They will also preach for an hour every meeting to sell sell sell warranties of course. They practically make it sound like your job depends on it. If the sales person is out of line it's only because they are doing exactly what the company wants them to be doing.
  • dman3k
    Is Costco the only store that does their store warranty right???
  • Trueno07
    This is why i never go in gamestop. If I'm going to buy a hard-copy of a PC game, I'll get it from Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. and NOT gamestop.

    Everytime i go into the store, someone is bound to pester me to death about pre-ordering or and Edge card or whatever. I understand it's their job, but still!

    (The best part is when i tell the die-hard gamestop sales Associate that "I;ll just buy it off steam and be done with it")
  • jeverson
    And this is why I always buy online. Not to mention the free shipping and lack of taxes... ;)
  • builderbobftw
    "gruel ling experience "
  • filmman03
    Sorta off topic in regards to Xbox 360, I went to Gamestop a few months ago to purchase The Saboteur for PC and was asked (several times) whether my computer can handle the game and that if I were to open the game and my PC couldn't handle it I couldn't return the game.

    I was quite annoyed, and sternly replied saying my PC specs (OC'd Quad-Core, 4GB RAM, Radeon HD 4770, etc). The look on this n00b's face was priceless and he didn't say another word.

    Gamestop fail.
  • HavoCnMe
    I have only bought one game from gamestop in my entire life....BFBC2 for pc. Thank God i don't do the console thing.