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Ultimate FPS Simulator Shoots You With Paintballs

Last week, UK-based TV show, The Gadget Show unveiled an incredible simulator that made Battlefield lovers around the globe drool. Dubbed the Ultimate FPS Simulator, this Battlefield 3 setup is about as realistic as it gets. Complete with a 360 degree projection dome, 5 HD projectors, an omni-directional treadmill, Kinect motion tracking and automated paintball guns, this could be the most rewarding or most painful game of Battlefield 3 ever.

If you're hoping to set up one of your own Ultimate FPS Simulators, you're going to need quite a bit of cash, seeing as how The Gadget Show's setup took 6 weeks and $650,000 USD to complete. Head on over to The Gadget Show's YouTube channel to see the build and test video for more information.

  • Pyree
    "Cover ouch me, I ouch am ouch going to ouch flank..."

    And you never did because of the pain.
  • I saw this recently, they actually put andy Mcnab in there(bravo two zero author and military advisor to DICE for BF3). It was in the full vid, worth watching and it was interesting to see how they put it together too.
  • de5_Roy
    that thing is massive!
    i'd love to know the specs they're using to drive 5 projectors.
  • beetlejuicegr
    oh man, if i ever win 3+ million, i will definitely get it and play.. Unreal Tournament 99!
  • CKKwan
    How about a simulator for this game... :D
  • isnt normal paintbal sim aswell? WTH is going on here? IF you have ever seen the variety of contests out there for paintball you should be thinking the same as me now.

    Paintball is so much beter that that in every way, while that sim tries to be paintball aswell.

    and sorry i like having a lan feature in mostly everything, but not in paintball. nuff said.
  • nieur
    Future of gaming
  • alyoshka
    Wouldn't it be cheaper just to use the glasses with the immersive experience and have a kinetic and the omnidirectional treadmill???
  • alfaalex101
    What if you get gibbed?
  • cmartin011
    alfaalex101What if you get gibbed? you hope the next paint ball don't hit you in the Adams apple on your way down to your knees lol