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RIM's 64GB PlayBook Gets $150 Price Cut at Best Buy

A couple of weeks ago, the tech world went mental over HP's $99 TouchPad fire-sale. Now that inventory is all sold out (for now, at least), it's time for a discounted tablet of another breed. Best Buy has slashed the price of Research In Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook slate, dropping the price of the 64GB model by a massive $150. The 16GB and 32GB models are being cut by $50 each (bringing the prices down to $449 and $549, respectively). Eagle-eyed readers readers will notice that the sale means the 32GB and 64GB models are now the same price (the 64GB model is down to $549 from $699).

The kicker here is that the sale appears to be only for this weekend, so if you want to get one, you'll have to decide (and act) fast. We don't expect Best Buy stores to be selling out across the country, but you do only have a couple of days to get your ducks in a row and get down to the store. However, if these prices are still a little too steep for you, ZDNet reports that there are rumors Staples will be having a 50 percent off deal on September 7 and 8. The company has not commented on these reports, but if you're looking for a cheap PlayBook, it might be best to wait.

Jane McEntegart works in content marketing at Intel and was previously Manager of Content Marketing at ASUS North America. Before that, she worked for more than 7 years at Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, holding such roles as Contributing Editor and Senior News Editor.

  • bhaberle
    And it's still a ripoff. =P
  • 200 an we got a deal(for a 64gb)
  • extremepcs
    Can they sync Exchange calendar / contacts without BES? Dumbest *hit ever on their phones.
  • I have a better idea... Wait another month or two, and pick one up for $99 in the inevitable liquidation sale.
  • stingray71
    Android tablets are done once Windows 8 tablets come out. Playbooks will still be around because of the business sector and they are the only ones to get government certification. $200 for a 64GB tablet? lay off the drugs...
    Seriously doubt that especially once ICS comes out. Only compelling reason to go to a W8 Tab is if you can run a full office suite. Even then, I'm sure they will port it over to Android.

  • rohitbaran
    bhaberleAnd it's still a ripoff. =PI second this.
  • eddieroolz
    I still consider it too expensive for what it does. I may have missed it, but as far as I know we still don't have native e-mail.
  • Archean
    +1 ota
    Droid tabs are only good for casual web surfing + entertainment (e.g. video playback / playing dumb games like AB). One can't achieve much productivity with them atm. Probably this will hold true for foreseeable future.
  • speakmymind
    No way i will fall for that crap again