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Man Caught Stealing Game Code @ PAX East

A spokesperson for Atomic Games said that a PAX East attendee attempted to steal game code from the developer's booth. Apparently the suspected thief parked in front of a PC and managed to download a portion of the code from the upcoming game Breach before his actions were fully realized. Once spotted, the thief grabbed his laptop and darted into the thick, busy crowd.

According to the Atomic spokesperson, the thief was eventually tracked down and verified by the stolen code on his laptop. The strange part about this entire incident is that the supposed thief admitted to stealing the code while he was downloading it. Apparently the developers and press reps initially thought he was joking.

"The suspect did admit to us several times, including as he was doing it, that he was stealing the code," the Atomic Games representative admitted. "He said to myself and several other team members, after being caught, that it was not a big deal, he just really liked the game and wanted to play it with his friends."

Atomic Games President Peter Tamte told Joystiq that the thief managed to grab around 14 MB of code. "Because of the work we do for military and intelligence organizations, we take security issues like this very seriously," he told the site. "It is fortunate for him that we caught him before any of this ended up on the internet. Many of the hackers who stole Valve's Half-Life 2 code were tracked down by the FBI's Cybercrime Task Force.

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  • thackstonns
    K so he fricking told you over and over that he was taking your code, and you let him do it anyway. I dont think he should get jail time. I think you need to hire people who arent idiots.
  • jednx01
    rofl. He kept telling them that he was stealing it and they completely ignored him. hahahahahha
  • cscott_it
    "I'm stealing the game code"
    "No, really, what are you doing."
    "...Dude, I'm stealing the game code"
    "It's not funny the second time"
    "I'm really stealing the game code bro"
    "I think this guy may actually be stealing ga....he just ran away"
  • schwiing
    14MB? Pong runs on more than that.
  • e-rock
    Is this a brief look at the Multiplayer experience of breach?
  • Snipergod87
    AT first I swore I read "Man Caught Stealing Game CUBE @ PAX East" And i was like wait game cube who cares?
  • JeanLuc
    This reminds of he Paul Whitehouses character from the show 'The Fast show' where he plays a thief and tells all his not to leave in near something he could steal.
  • d-block
    Some bright ones there at that booth..
  • dreamphantom_1977
    Thats funny, but seriously, it was obviously just a prank. Hopefully they took it easy on the guy.
  • Silicon Jesus
    I wonder, if I leave my laptop open and logged in, and someone should walk up to it and play solitaire, is that illegal? Is it only if they copy a doc to their flash drive? What if they just open and look at a doc? Would it be different if a friend came over and copied my savegames from my PS3?
    What if I allow my mother into my place and does one of these things when I'm in the bathroom? Will that change the answers to the previous questions?

    I'm not making some point here, these are just questions that come to mind that I have no idea of the answers to. The answers don't seem unimportant.