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AT&T U-Verse: More Networking Perks Than Cable/Sat

Viewing Photos from Flickr on Your TV

Another way to view photos on your TV is to upload pictures to Flickr using the same ID you created for your AT&T U-Verse account, such as

If you already have a Flickr account under a different Yahoo ID, you don’t have to create a new one. Login to the existing Flickr account, click You > Your Account, click Use a different Yahoo! ID for this Flickr account, click Use an existing Yahoo! ID, and then login with your ID you created for your AT&T U-Verse account.

Once you’re logged in to Flickr, you can upload photos. Then you must organize them into Sets to be viewable on your TV.

Next, go to your TV and with the U-Verse remote go to the Online Photos channel (see below), which is Channel 91 for me.

Press OK and it will automatically search for the Sets with the ID associated with your AT&T U-Verse account. See an example below.

You can scroll up and down and press OK to open a set. Then you can manual scroll through the photos or start a slideshow, as shown below.