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This 2-Inch Cube Helps You Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

How much would you pay to get the perfect cup of tea? Ten dollars, $20 or more? Well, if you're willing to go up to $55, this smart little cube will give you the information you need to ensure your brew is perfect every time.

Why You Should Care

For the uninitiated, not all teas should be steeped with boiling water. Green teas and white teas prefer lower temperatures, between 160 and 165 degrees and 180 and 185 degrees, respectively, while black teas taste best with water closer to boiling. And if you don't use the right temperature, your tea will come out weak, flavorless and, more often than not, quite bitter.

The app features listing for over 1,000 different varieties of tea.

The app features listing for over 1,000 different varieties of tea.

Thankfully, the 42tea gadget will figure everything out for you, Just select the kind of tea you are using on the app and how many cups you want to make. Then drop the cube in your kettle, add the specified amount of water and it will tell you exactly when the water is the right temperature for your tea. It even has a timer to make sure you don't over-steep.

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Don't worry about the heat. The 42tea is made to withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and its hard base is even more resistant, to up to over 300 degrees F.

As a neat bonus, the 42tea's base can also serve as as a place to store your tea. It's pretty much everything you need to brew a perfect cup of tea in one little package.

Pricing and availability

The 42tea should be available sometime in the spring of 2017 for around $55.


Look, $55 ain't cheap, but the 42tea is the gift that will keep on giving. For tea aficionados, it could quickly become an essential tool in the tea-making toolkit.