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Deal Alert: Top Selling 50-Mile HD Antenna Now Just $20

These days there are various ways to cut the cable cord, but none are as simple as opting for an HDTV antenna.

Unlike subscribing to a streaming service, an HDTV antenna is a one-time purchase and it gives you access to all of the major networks like ABC, NBC, Univision, PBS, and CBS.

1byOne 50-Mile Range HDTV AntennaView Deal

For a limited time, Amazon is offering its top-selling 1byOne 50-Mile Range HDTV Amplified Antenna for $19.79 via coupon code "PQP5ODRW". That's $10 off and one of the least-expensive, 50-mile range antennas we've seen. Traditionally, antennas with a 50-mile range tend to cost closer to $30 or $40.

The package includes the indoor antenna, a detachable amplifier (which helps the antenna receive signals from broadcast towers that are up to 50 miles away from your home), and a 10-foot coax cable, which connects to your HDTV.

The antenna can be mounted on a wall or placed near a window. It then scans for all nearby channels. In our review, we were able to receive 46 channels.

So whether you're cutting cable or looking to complement your Netflix subscription, this 1byOne antenna offers good performance at a budget-friendly price.

  • gjlang
    Nothing worse than using an informational site such as this for advertisements. Using the word "deal" is ridiculous since it means something different to everyone. Yes, the 1byOne is one of many top rated 50 mile antennas but the new Mohu Leaf Glide 65 mile seems to beat them all. At $90, I used a promo code to subtract $23 and pay $67. My point here is paying only $67 for the best is a deal FOR ME and certainly not a deal to pay $20 for a lesser antenna. That's my perception. Someone else would consider a $6 antenna a great deal. Everyone's idea of a "deal" is different. Please limit articles to the performance of a product and keep the advertising out. People can find what they believe to be a deal based on their own criteria.
  • tazmo8448
    I totally agree with GJLANG