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SpiderOak One Backup review

Feature-rich cloud storage and backup storage with some drawbacks

SpiderOak One Backup review
(Image: © SpiderOak)

Our Verdict

SpiderOak One Backup has great file history, syncing, and sharing features, but the prices aren’t the greatest and you can’t restrict the app to back up only on certain networks.


  • Zero-knowledge privacy policy
  • Cross-platform support


  • Inability to restrict which networks used for uploads
  • Not cheap

SpiderOak is a software company that builds a suite of security tools, and One Backup is its cloud storage and backup product. With your data stored in the cloud, you’ll be able to sync it across all of your devices. One Backup will also keep historical versions of your files, even deleted ones, with no time limits or restrictions.

In this in-depth SpiderOak One Backup review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about one of the best cloud storage providers in the business, including its pricing, features, support, and ease of use.

One Backup from SpiderOak is a cloud storage and backup product (Image credit: SpiderOak)

Plans and pricing

The pricing for SpiderOak One couldn’t be simpler. There are four plans that will all cover unlimited devices, and the only difference between the plans other than the price is how much data you can back up.

SpiderOak One Backup review

One Backup has a very simple pricing plan structure (Image credit: SpiderOak)

Prices range from $6/month (or $69 annually) for 150 GB of storage to $29/month (or $320 annually) for 5 TB—not the cheapest prices on the market. There is also a 21-day free trial if you would like to test the service out before purchasing.


SpiderOak One Backup is primarily a consumer-focused service so doesn’t boast the sort of features that businesses might be looking for, such as server backup or bare-metal disaster recovery.

But it does offer some really attractive and useful features. One of these is what the company refers to as Point in Time Recovery. It is essentially a history of all your files so that if you ever fall victim to ransomware, you can go back to a time before the attack began to access unaffected files.

One Backup also has a Share Room feature which enables you to easily and securely share files with other people. Using a web-based interface, you can create temporary links to files in your account to send to others which will self-destruct after a period of time.

One Backup is also fully cross-platform, being available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This means you can sync your data across all of your devices, regardless of what operating system they’re running.

SpiderOak One Backup review

One Backup has many useful features aimed at home users (Image credit: SpiderOak)

Interface and in use

One Backup has a very clean, user-friendly interface. There are five main tabs, with the first— Dashboard—also being split into five sub-tabs. The first of these—Overview—gives you a quick look into the app’s main features, showing you what has been backed up and synced, and how many shares have been set up.

SpiderOak One Backup review

The One Backup app interface (Image credit: SpiderOak)

The backup tab has a familiar Explorer/Finder view of your device’s folders where you can select what to back up, which is common to cloud storage apps. The Manage tab shows you what has already been uploaded to SpiderOak’s servers and the Sync tab is used for syncing specific folders between devices. The Share tab works in a similar way to the Sync feature, except it applies to folders you want to be able to share with others.

There were a few aspects of the app that we didn’t like. One was that, on a Mac, opening the app’s preferences had to be done by clicking on the app icon in the menu bar and didn’t work with the Common Preferences keyboard shortcut. Setting a schedule for backups has to be done in Preferences with no interface in the main part of the app. 

But the main cause for concern is that there’s no ability to select which networks should be used for uploading data. That means if you’re hot-spotting your laptop from your phone and using your mobile data, One Backup is still going to run its backup. There’s no way to automatically prevent that from happening.


If there is one area in which SpiderOak disappoints, it’s in support. There are only two methods available: a searchable help center of articles on a variety of topics or a help desk ticket submission.

There are no phone numbers to call or the live chat widgets that some companies provide. If you have an urgent security problem, there is an email address you can use with an expected response time of up to one business day.

SpiderOak One Backup review

One Backup only has limited support options (Image credit: SpiderOak)


SpiderOak takes security very seriously, and your data is secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning it is encrypted while in transit to and after arriving on its servers.

The company also implements a zero-knowledge policy, which means no one at SpiderOak has any knowledge of your password or any of your data that is stored on the company’s servers. This dedication to no knowledge extends to support, with the company providing a public key for customers to encrypt sensitive information that they might need to send as part of a support request.

SpiderOak One Backup review

SpiderOak takes security very seriously (Image credit: SpiderOak)

The competition

The cloud backup and storage market is a very crowded one, with many alternatives to consider. Mega offers a very similar service to One Backup with end-to-end encryption and the ability to sync between all of your devices and share files with others. Pricing is quite similar to One Backup (prices are listed in Euros) but Mega’s entry-level plan comes with 400 GB of storage compared to One Backup’s 150 GB, while the most expensive plan at about $35 offers a huge 16 TB of storage.

If you’re looking for a completely free alternative, Box has a free plan that gives you 10 GB of storage but with an upload limit of 250 MB per file. You can upgrade to 100 GB of storage and a 5 GB file upload limit for $10/month.

Final verdict

SpiderOak One Backup is a cloud storage and backup solution with a lot of great features, but the prices aren’t the greatest, and there were a few areas of concern. 

There were several things we liked about the product, including the file history, syncing and sharing features, and cross-platform compatibility. SpiderOak’s zero-knowledge approach to privacy and security was also a major plus point. 

But we did have some problems with the app itself, with the inability to select which networks backups should run on being the main area of disappointment.