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Windows 10 Users Report Random Reboots and Failed Updates

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The latest Windows 10 update is failing to install and causing random reboots, users on a Reddit thread and Microsoft community forum report. 

"Screen goes black, PC shuts down. PC restarts, and goes straight to Desktop," one Reddit user wrote. "Since 1903 my PC keeps randomly restarting. There'll be a small freeze that lasts a couple of seconds, and then it restarts automatically."

1903 refers to one several of the Windows 10 versions that received a bug fix update on August 13. The update, labeled KB4512508, features security improvements for Microsoft’s browsers (Edge and IE), wireless networking, and input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or stylus. Windows Latest first spotted users' complaints about KB4512508. 

Some users are having trouble installing the security update altogether. They report Windows 10 is generating generic error messages like ‘error 0x800f0982’ and ‘error 0x80073701’ that provide no context. 

Frustrated users on Microsoft's own forum recalled they faced a similar installation failure with a cumulative update last month.

"What on earth is going on at Microsoft?" a user asked on What isn't going on might be the better query in this scenario. 

Microsoft hasn't commented on the issues yet. It seems they're only affecting a minority of Windows 10 users, but one could see why such irksome issues will require a fix. 

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