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When Is The Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Coming Back?

The world has been abuzz this week with talk of Popeye's fried chicken sandwich. But how does it stack up in a packed field of competitors? Nick Kindelsperger of the Chicago Tribune offers up his view.
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The wait, which seems to have taken far longer than it had any right to be, is at an end. The famed (and delicious) Popeye's chicken sandwich returns (well, once stores open). 

Fortunately, you don't have to wait for Thanksgiving to try this fried bird. This past Monday morning, as if to answer my question from mere days ago, Popeye's revealed the release date, just tweeting it out, as the saying goes:

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So, I marked my calendars for Saturday, Nov. 3 (hey that's today). The sandwich that broke social media, and sent YouTubers scrambling to compare the sandwich to those from competing fast food outlets, is finally coming back.

To get ready for this big caloric day, I spent some of my morning sweating to Ring Fit Adventure. Teasing us further, Popeye's tweeted the below.

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Which Popeye's chicken sandwich is best?

As the only member of the Tom's Guide staff who's actually tried the Popeye's chicken sandwich — multiple times, in fact — I can give you a heads up about your buying decision. You'll get options for a Spicy sandwich and a regular one, and I've told everyone to skip the plain option.

The Spicy chicken sandwich isn't just more flavorful, it's got less mayonnaise in it. But, hey, if you love mayo, get the plain.

Has Popeye's solved its chicken sandwich conundrum?

The Popeye's chicken sandwich appeared and vanished in mere weeks this past August, leaving some of us at the Tom's Guide office to wonder why it's so hard for Popeye's to keep a fried chicken sandwich in stock.

Has the company changed the sandwich? Or did they just fix something in their supply chain? Only time, and our taste buds, will tell.

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