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Top Galaxy Note 10 Feature Accidentally Teased by Samsung

(Image credit: PocketNow)

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 is quickly becoming the worst-kept secret in the smartphone business.

In a blunder this week, Samsung Indonesia published a tweet that included a video showcasing how you'll be able to use the Galaxy Note 10 to get all kinds of work done on the go. According to PocketNow, which saw the video before it was taken down, it also suggested that all you would need to get work done is the Galaxy Note 10.

Of course, that's not necessarily a smoking gun for any particular feature, but it points to a particular focus for the Galaxy Note 10 going into its launch.

Indeed, there have been many reports in recent weeks about a new feature called DeX Live that could allow for wireless connectivity in the Galaxy Note 10. With the feature, you'll be able to use the Galaxy Note 10 as its own computer and wirelessly connect to keyboards and a mouse. With help from a monitor, you can use that as your main screen.

The move is part of a broader push by Samsung to make the argument that its flagship smartphones can be desktop replacements. Of course, the Galaxy Note 10 won't be able to match high-powered desktops, but in some cases, where lower-end computers are in play and you only really care about using the web and mobile apps, it could work exceedingly well.

But alas, Samsung isn't talking about what it has planned and it removed the video from the Indonesia Twitter page soon after it was mistakenly published. But that hasn't stopped the onslaught of rumors, including reports that the Galaxy Note 10 will rely on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, come with your choice of a 6.3-inch or 6.75-inch screen and 5G connectivity on at least one model.

Luckily, we won't need to wait long to see exactly what Samsung has planned: the company is planning to unveil the at a special Unpacked event on Aug. 7. And as always, we'll be there to cover every last detail.