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Samsung’s Plan to Topple the iPhone: Sliding Displays and Rotating Cameras

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Samsung has some high hopes for the future of its smartphone designs, if a new patent application is any indication.

Samsung recently filed for a patent on new design technologies for future smartphones, according to Let's Go Digital, which obtained a copy of the application from the World Intellectual Property Office. The application, which includes sketches of what the device might look like, includes rotating cameras and even a sliding screen.

Chief among the features in the patent application is a big display that almost entirely covers the front of the device. Behind it, however, is a sliding mechanism that allows you to slide the screen up and reveal the components behind it on another part of the device.

On the rear, Samsung has another display, which is far smaller and appears to be sitting towards the bottom of the device. It's unclear from the patent how the second, rear display would be used, but it could be employed to display notifications and other information when you're in a meeting and put your phone face down.

Aside from that, the patent application describes a front-facing camera that lives under the screen near the bottom-right of the display. The device also features what the company calls a "camera rotating mechanism" behind the screen that ostensibly allows you to take pictures on either side of the device with a camera baked into the display.

If the in-display camera technology sounds familiar, that's because Samsung itself has confirmed that it's working on it and could be launching it in new smartphones as early as next year. The idea with an in-display camera is that it provides Samsung more design flexibility and can allow for a true, all-screen design without needing to make room for a front-facing camera. 

A report yesterday revealed that the hidden camera under the display would appear either on the Galaxy Fold 2 or Galaxy Note 11, but it likely wouldn't be ready in time for the Galaxy S11.

Still, it's unclear what Samsung's plans might be for the design in the patent application. And like other companies, the company files for patents all the time, so take this design concept with the proverbial grain of salt.