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Samsung Has Finally Fixed the Galaxy Fold (Report)

Samsung Galaxy Fold
(Image credit: Future)

Samsung really screwed up with the Galaxy Fold. Even the company’s CEO admitted that the phone's launch was “embarrassing.” Now, company insiders claim that the Korean electronics giant has finally completed a redesign that will fix the troubled phone's problems.

The Fold had two key problems, according to some reviewers who experienced them. The first was the fact that particles of dirt could easily get under the fold of the flexible display.

The second, which was caused by the reviewers themselves, resulted from the removal of the outer display protection film. The film was not supposed to be removed under any circumstances, but many accidentally took it off thinking it was some sort of screen cover.

Back in June, Samsung claimed that “most problems” with the Galaxy Fold were already fixed, but not completely. Now, sources speaking to Bloomberg claim that the job is completely done.

The first problem has been fixed by reducing the size of the gap that occurs between the phone’s frame and the flexible display, closing it to any particles that may interfere or damage the screen.

Then, the protective film has been extended to cover the entire display. In fact, the film gets into the metal chassis right under the bezels to make impossible for anyone to remove it.

The third fix was unexpected: Samsung has refined the hinge design to push the screen a little bit up when unfolded. The hinge now flushes with the display and stretches the screen and protective film. The insiders claim that this makes the fold almost invisible, but we will have to test this to see if it works or not.

Samsung has not announced a reintroduction date for the Fold. It has been reported that the company is now testing thousands of new units on the field, so it will probably take a while. Samsung will introduce the Note 10 on August 7, so we may not see any announcements until after the launch of the company's highly anticipated flagship.

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