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Samsung Galaxy Watch 2: Release date, price, specs and news

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is launching soon. Although Samsung has not confirmed the existence of its next-gen smartwatch, there’s plenty of evidence that suggests its debut is right around the corner.

In our Samsung Galaxy Watch review, we raved about its stylish design, solid fitness features and four-day battery life. Although we generally prefer the Watch OS platform on the Apple Watch, Tizen has improved to become a worthy competitor and we're excited to see it on a new device.

Samsung’s first smartwatch debuted in summer 2018 and has not received a direct refresh since. The company has launched the fitness-minded Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in the interim, even coming out with a sequel in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. So the lifestyle-focused Galaxy Watch is long overdue for a face lift.

The first Galaxy Watch was once one of the best smartwatches we’ve tested, and a new version with beefed up specs could challenge the Apple Watch Series 5

Some signs point to the Galaxy Watch 2 arriving alongside the Galaxy Note 20 in late summer. If that's the case, it would set up a showdown the Apple Watch 6, which is expected this fall. 

It could come sooner, though, if new FCC filings are any indication.

Here’s what else we know so far about the Galaxy Watch 2, including leaks and rumors about its release date, features and more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 latest news (May 29)

  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 launch looks imminent based on a new FCC listing for two Samsung-made smartwatch models. The listing reveals a Gorilla Glass DX display, 5ATM rating water resistance, military standard durability and on-board GPS. 
  • A blood-pressure monitoring feature has gone live for the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and it's widely believed that feature will find its way to the Galaxy Watch 2 once that new smartwatch debuts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 price

The first Galaxy Watch started at $329 and maxed out at $400 for the LTE model. We’d guess the Galaxy Watch 2 will cost at least as much, if not more. For context, the Apple Watch Series 5 starts at $399.

If you’re waiting on the Galaxy Watch 2, expect to spend around $400. Check out the best cheap smartwatches we’ve reviewed if you’re in the market for a wearable under $200. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 release date

As for the Galaxy Watch 2’s release date, we’d like to believe Samsung will spill on its new smartwatch at its next Note Unpacked event. These usually take place in late summer, around August or September, but due to delays in the tech industry caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the launch date could be pushed back.

Samsung could release the Galaxy Watch 2 sooner and without an official event, too. Wearable devices recently spotted on a Chinese regulator's website suggest the launch is happening soon. Listings for two different Samsung Watch models were found by MySmartPrice (via SamMobile).

Two Galaxy Watch models have received FCC certification as of May 28 as well. Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 debuted 4 days after it received an FCC certificate last summer. There's no guarantee the company is ready to take its newest wearable to market, but we could be a few days away from an official reveal. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 specs and battery life

The Galaxy Watch 2 is rumored to be getting a significant spec boost over the original Galaxy Watch. According to the same source that shared the regulator listing, Samsung’s new watch will come in two different models and will support 8GB of on-board storage. This is double of what the current Galaxy Watch offers, but still just a quarter of the 32GB offered by the Apple Watch 5

We’ll likely see an increase in battery capacity, too. The Galaxy Watch 2’s battery could grow from 247mAh to 330mAh, which could improve upon the four-day life of the original. The latest rumor of a 330mAh battery also lines up with one we heard back in January.

There’s a chance that these specs belong to the Galaxy Watch Active 3, as the listings use serial numbers to identify the wearables. But the Watch Active 2 launched this past summer with the Galaxy Note 10 lineup, and we’ve been waiting longer for a sequel to the standard Watch model.

As for features, expect more details to leak out as we get closer to the Galaxy Watch 2's rumored launch date. But we're pretty sure that that the Galaxy Watch Active 2's blood pressure monitoring feature — which just went live on that device — will also be supported by the Galaxy Watch 2. That feature allows users to let the Samsung Health Monitor app gauge blood pressure after they've calibrated their watch using a standard blood pressure monitor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 outlook

Unlike the ramp up to recent smartphone launches, we’ve seen relatively fewer leaks concerning the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. Whether that means it’s not coming as soon as suggested or Samsung is getting better at keeping new devices under wraps is hard to say.

We’ve been generally impressed by the company’s Galaxy Watch Active line, so assuming it brings awesome fitness features to a more fashion-forward design, we could have a highly capable, attractive and long-lasting wearable on the way.