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Samsung Could Start Putting Ads On Your Galaxy Phone

(Image credit: Samsung/Tom’s Guide)

Samsung has trademarked “Samsung Mobile Ads” in the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which may mean that the company is about to add ads to their phones just like it did with its Smart TVs. It better not.

Published on October 1, the trademark unearthed by Dutch tech blogger Ilse Jurrien applies to an advertising service for smartphones and tablets. The description talks about how these ad services will be able to target consumers based on their behavior.

We don’t know exactly when, how, or even if Samsung will implement ads in its Galaxy phones. The only recent example of this in the mobile world can be found in Xiaomi's phones. The Chinese company shows ads in some of its own apps but, as long as you don’t use them, you won’t see them — my phone is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and I have never seen a single ad since I bought it earlier this year. 

But then again, perhaps you can justify Xiaomi doing this, because the company's phones usually cost half the price of their comparable Samsung counterparts. But imagine being interrupted by an ad as you are trying to pair your new $2,000 Galaxy Fold with a new set of headphones. It sounds like grounds to return the phone to the Samsung store along with some forks and torches. 

I doubt Samsung will have the guts to actually implement this technology. But then again, we know that the company already has a similar ad platform in its smart TVs. The ads can be disabled on the TVs, but that requires consumers to navigate through a cascade of menus in order to hunt down the option. 

Of course, people are incensed about it, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing it. So the idea of seeing ads on the Galaxy S11 may not be that crazy after all.