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Prime Day deal just dropped Blink Mini camera to $25

blink mini prime day deal
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There’s no such thing as “too much” when home security is concerned, and a new Prime Day deals is helping you get more, at the very least, peace of mind. Cameras, in particular, are useful in making sure everything is as it should be.

Among the cameras we love is the Blink Mini indoor camera, which is already a great deal at $34.99. But, right now the Blink Mini indoor camera is on sale for $25 on that price. Just as long as you’re a Prime Member, of course (the deal may not show up if you're not logged in under a Prime account).

Blink Mini indoor camera: was $34.99 now $24.99
There's no such thing as too much home security, especially when adding a new security camera is as easy, and cheap, as buying a Blink Mini. With powerful security features it was already a pint-sized bargain when it cost $34.99. But now it's $10 off? This is an absolute must buy. Just make sure that Prime membership is active.View Deal

There’s a lot to unpack in the Blink Mini. Figuratively speaking, of course, because it certainly lives up to its name. But while it’s mini in size, it’s not mini in functionality, coming packed with Full HD video resolution, night vision, motion detectors, and the ability to talk to Alexa.

The camera itself is easy to set up via the Blink smartphone app, and once it’s connected to your home Wi-Fi you can start controlling it by talking to Alexa – whether that’s to see a live stream, view recorded videos, or to switch the camera on or off. Similarly you can do all this in your smartphone.

It’s not just about watching out for intruders either, you can also use the Blink Mini to keep an eye on people and pets in your house. Does your kid keep stealing snacks from the fridge? Catch them in the act and shout at them through the app, regardless of where you actually are.

You will need a Blink Subscription to store your recorded videos to the cloud, however. That’s currently free until December 31 2020, though it will cost you $3-$10 a month after that date, depending on how many cameras you own.

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