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Pixel 4’s Big Bezel Will House 'Groundbreaking' Radar Sensor

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The majority of what we’ve seen so far - both confirmed and unconfirmed - for Google’s Pixel 4 has been of the phone’s back. While it’s been interesting looking at the camera patch, we’ve now got what could be our first definitive look at the front of the Pixel 4.

Twitter leaker Ice Universe posted the following tweet about the Pixel 4, drawing particular attention to the large oval opening on the right side of the top bezel as something to be excited about.

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If these are indeed the real displays for the Pixel 4, then it confirms one of the least enjoyable details of the concept renders we’ve already seen floating around: the bezel is still distractingly thick. It’s been a Pixel trademark since the beginning, but it’s one of the areas in smartphone design where everyone else in the Android space is moving on, be it with pop-up mechanisms or punch-holes which better conceal the camera.

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On the plus side, though, the old-fashioned bezel could contain some major new tech, as Ice Universe suggests. Rumors have been circulating about Google adding Soli, a radar chip, to the newest Pixel, supported by the discovery of relevant code in the newest Android Q beta.

The headline feature with this is gesture controls without having to touch the phone with your controlling hand. When it's shown the technology off previously, Google has shown the ability to use a speaker's play/pause and volume controls, or to select different colors from a palette in a graphics app by sweeping, turning or waving your hand. It all sounds amazing but could easily be rough around the edges as brand new tech often is.

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

Still, if the gesture tech doesn’t work great, or doesn’t appear on the actual Pixel 4, owners can at least console themselves with the most RAM Google’s ever put in a Pixel, plus a slightly larger resolution display and a potent Snapdragon 855 processor driving it all, going by other industry assumptions and rumors.

So while it isn’t taking a step forward design-wise, at least Google does look to be making some other exciting hardware changes. A lesson that Apple looks to have forgotten…

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