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Paramount Plus deal: Save 50% with this pre-order discount code

Paramount Plus deal
(Image credit: Paramount Plus)

The first Paramount Plus deal is already live, even though the service doesn't debut until March 4. And ViacomCBS is doing tits best to get people locked into the service for a whole year — by offering half off the normal $60 to $100 annual pricing.

Just a few things to know first. You'll need to tick the box for an annual rate, use the code PARAMOUNTPLUS here at step 3 of the checkout and your subscription starts now — with CBS All Access.

One year of Paramount Plus: was $99 or $59, now $49 or $29
If you sign up a little under one month before Paramount Plus launches, you'll save $30 to $50 on its annual price. The higher rate is for the ad-free version. Paramount Plus will pack everything from Yellowstone to SpongeBob SquarePants, The Real Criminal MInds and more.View Deal

And yes, your subscription begins with CBS All Access because Paramount Plus is the rebooted version of that service. It will pack in live NFL games, CBS News, exclusive movies and shows and more. 

This will be the home of the Picard series, and content from Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV and BET.

In a Super Bowl commercial promoting the service, we were tipped off to a load of characters who will also be calling Paramount Plus their new home. Those familiar faces included Survivor's Jeff Probst, Beavis and Butt-Head, James Cordon and Dora the Explorer.