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OnePlus Buds Pro release date, price, specs and features

OnePlus Buds Pro
(Image credit: Future)

OnePlus has formally unveiled the OnePlus Buds Pro, after sort-of letting the wireless earbuds slip as part of a testing program. As previously reported, the Buds Pro represent a big step up from the original OnePlus Buds, sporting active noise cancellation (ANC) and Warp Charge support.

Revealed alongside the OnePlus Nord 2, the OnePlus Buds Pro is coming this year at an AirPods Pro-beating price. We’ll have a review ready in August, to see if the Buds Pro is worthy of joining the best wireless earbuds, but in the meantime here are all the freshly-announced details.

OnePlus Buds Pro price

OnePlus Buds Pro

(Image credit: OnePlus)

The OnePlus Buds Pro will sell for $149. That’s a lot more than the OnePlus Buds’ launch price of $79, but then this is a much more advanced set of earbuds — not to mention a much more plush-looking one.

Besides, $149 isn’t all that expensive by ANC earbud standards. It’s the same price as the recent Beats Studio Buds, the affordability of which came as a pleasant surprise, while the AirPods Pro is hovering around the $189-$219 range these days.

The Buds Pro will be available direct from OnePlus; hopefully it will follow the OnePlus Buds by selling from a wider range of third-party retailers as well.

OnePlus Buds Pro release date

OnePlus Buds Pro

(Image credit: Future)

OnePlus may be able to beat the AirPods 3 to market, as the OnePlus Buds Pro will release in the U.S. and Canada on September 1.

That obviously leaves a few weeks’ gap between the reveal and the release; unless you’re immediately sold, you may want to take the opportunity to wait and see if the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 really does get unveiled at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11. This is rumored to also be a sub-$200 pair of noise-cancelling headphones, so we could see the two in direct competition — even before the AirPods 3 potentially joins the fray with its rumored September launch.

OnePlus Buds Pro design

OnePlus Buds Pro

(Image credit: OnePlus)

To our eyes, one of the biggest improvements that the Buds Pro makes to the OnePlus Buds is the overall design. Gone are the long stems and almost horn-like profile of the driver casing: the Buds Pro cuts a more compact and modern figure. It still has stems, but they’re much shorter, and blend much more smoothly into the rest of the bodywork.

Unlike the OnePlus Buds, the OnePlus Buds Pro design also makes use of replaceable eartips. These should both help you get a secure fit, and create a tighter seal within your ears. In turn this should block out more ambient sound and let the ANC work more effectively.

The earbuds also now have a two-tone aesthetic, with matte plastic around the upper half and shiny metal plating wrapped around the stems. This metal section also acts a touch sensor for playback controls.

The charging case has been overhauled too. Instead of an AirPods-style upright case, the OnePlus Buds Pro vessel has the earbuds laying flat. The result is a much flatter case which, in another upgrade, now supports wireless charging via Qi-certified pads and mats.

OnePlus Buds Pro specs and features

OnePlus Buds Pro

(Image credit: OnePlus)

Among the nitty-gritty of the OnePlus Buds Pro specs are its 11mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and 38 hours maximum battery life. That’s with ANC switched off, though; with noise cancellation you’re looking at up to 28 hours, in both cases through repeated use of the charging case.

The ANC itself is adaptive, meaning the system can raise or lower the amount of ambient sound it cuts out according to how noisy your surroundings are. If you’re in an office by yourself, for instance, the ANC effect will be light, while on a busy street it works more vigorously to silence the additional distractions.

OnePlus also promises superior sound through its OnePlus Audio ID profile. This calibrates the driver output according to the “sound sensitivities” of individual listeners. Everyone can perceive different frequencies slightly differently, so this could help the Buds Pro maintain a balanced sound signature.

Back on the battery, yet another addition is Warp Charge support. Warp Charge is OnePlus’ fast-charging tech, first introduced on the OnePlus 7T and a regular presence among the company’s smartphones ever since. Warp Charge can allegedly provide the charging case with 10 hours of playback from just 10 minutes of charging, which would be excellent by wireless earbud standards.

Warp Charge needs a wired connection to work, as opposed to wireless charging. However, unlike its implementation on OnePlus smartphones, there’s no need for a specific, Warp Charge-branded power adapter or USB-C cable to use with the OnePlus Buds Pro case.

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