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Nintendo Working On Clever Foldable Joy-Con Design

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo has a great idea to improve the ergonomics and usability of its Joy-Cons: make them foldable. Yeah, foldable. Partially foldable, actually.

No, it’s not a joke on Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. This idea actually makes sense.

The Japanese company — known to invest heavily in new form factors like the Wii, the Ultra controllers, or the Switch — has filed a patent for a new hardware design for the Joy-Cons, making them partially foldable so your thumbs have easier access to the joystick and buttons on the top.

As reported by Digital Trends and according to the filing with the Japanese intellectual property office, these Joy-Cons will look just like the older ones on their regular position. However, this hinge design will allow users to bend the top of the Joy-Con, changing their shape and effectively putting the Switch’s screen at a nice viewing angle. The Nintendo patent claims that this will improve the usability of the detachable  game pads.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

It’s yet to be seen when — or if — the folding devices will reach the market. Maybe never but, knowing that Nintendo is always looking for ways to improve the ergonomics and thus the playability of their devices, I will not be surprised if they release this in a future Switch or as an extra.

As long as they don’t drift, I will happily try a pair to see if they are comfier than the current Joy-Cons.