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MLB live stream 2020: How to watch every baseball game online

MLB live streams 2020 baseball season
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The MLB live streams may be coming to an end, as the Dodgers are one win away from ending the world series. After that 4-2 win in Sunday's MLB playoffs live stream, the Rays are on the ropes looking to find a way to stay alive.

Major League Baseball put on a shortened season, and just like all other sports happening around the world, games took place in empty arenas, because of the continuing crisis of COVID-19 in America. And now, we're ready for game 6's Rays vs Dodgers live stream.

MLB 2020 world series at a glance

The entirety of the MLB World Series 2020 is being played at one venue: the Texas Rangers' Globe Life Field.  The Dodgers are seen as a favorite, with this being their third WS appearance in four years.

For the 2020 season, the MLB instituted a bunch of rule changes that to help shorten the length of games or aide the teams' logistics in some ways. For instance, in extra innings, teams start with a runner on second base. Plus, relievers are required to face at least three batters (so we're not spending forever waiting on new pitcher changes). Also, the designated hitter (the DH if you're short on time) isn't just for the American League, having been added to National League games as well. 

As for which team is the favorite to win the World Series, the LA Dodgers have had the experts' edge, even when they lost game 2.

Fortunately, the whole series is broadcast nationally on FOX, so we're mot dealing with regional blackouts, so our guide for everything you need to watch MLB live streams for the 2020 season is written to help you figure out what you need to evade regional-specific issues:

How to watch MLB live streams with a VPN

OK, somehow you're travelling right now, and you can't watch Fox, the channel that's got the whole of the World Series 2020. 

Live streams are still possible in your new neck of the woods, though, with a virtual private network, or VPN, you can appear to be surfing the web from your home town (or somewhere that blackouts won't hit), and access the same streaming services you already paid for. 

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MLB live streams in the US: Where to watch online

While many lIve TV streaming services offer a lot of channels that MLB games are on, we have a favorite option. Fox, the home of the world series, is on Sling TV, the best streaming service to watch MLB games on and one of the most affordable ways to cut the cord.

MLB.TV ($25 per month/$60 per year), is also streaming the game, but if you want more than just baseball, it's not a complete solution. T-Mobile customers get free MLB.TV, along with a free subscription to the sports site The Athletic.

Some games are only available on local networks, such as YES (Yankees), NESN (Red Sox) and SportsNet LA (Dodgers), which is why many cord-cutters are afraid of leaving, as many of these channels aren't on streaming services.

One of the best options for watching all of the MLB action is the Sling TV Blue + Orange package, which costs $45 as getting only one half ($30 per month) will have you losing out on some of the major networks: ESPN, Fox, Fox Sports and TBS. For another $10 per month, you can get the MLB Network tacked on, along with ESPNEWS, NBA TV, the NHL Network, and more. Local FOX and NBC affiliates are included.View Deal

MLB live streams in the UK: Where to watch online

There's only one home for 2020 MLB live streams in the United Kingdom: BT Sport. They've acquired the rights for MLB action in the UK through 2021. Games are broadcast across their many channels, including BT Sport ESPN.

Don't have BT on your current package? You can get it directly with the £25 Monthly Pass

And if BT Sport’s monthly prices are still too high for you, remember that MLB.TV is also available in the UK. It's approximately £50 a month, with zero blackout rules.

MLB live streams in Canada: Where to watch online

Whether you're a Toronto Blue Jays fan or want to watch all the MLB live streams across the league, you've got options in Canada. 

Select games are available via cable on Sportsnet, TSN, TVA Sports and RDS, depending on your language of choice and region. You can watch these services online as well, by signing in via your TV login credentials (or buying the service by itself).

TSN has a lot of the games that air on ESPN, while Sportsnet is the home of the Blue Jays.

You can also get MLB.TV in Canada, though the Blue Jays will be subject to blackouts.