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New Pixel 4 Video Shows Phone From Every Angle

(Image credit: Google)

The Pixel 4 is expected to be revealed by Google next month, which means that the initial batch of handsets is likely all finished ready to be sold or given to important individuals to try out. That’s why videos of the Pixel 4 in use are not impossible at this stage, even if one should always remain alert to potential fakery.

The first alleged Pixel 4 video comes from Halo Mobile (via BGR), a Malaysian smartphone retailer. The video, originally on Halo Mobile's Facebook page but uploaded to YouTube by Slashleaks appears to show the Pixel 4 handset from several angles, and while it’s near impossible to verify for sure, it certainly looks like the images we’ve already seen, including those sent out by Google.

Sadly, there’s nothing of the operating system to see here, other than the power-on screen with the Google logo. However, a second video from YouTube channel "Mix with remix" builds on this. It looks to feature the same chassis as the phone in the first video, but also shows us a familiar looking but refreshed app tray and home screen.

The Pixel 4 will undoubtedly ship with Android 10, which we’ve already seen released on existing Pixel handsets. This means that the phone in this video is at least a Google phone, but whether or not it is the one we’re expecting to release in October is still impossible to check.

There’s more to be excited about than just the exterior of the phone. Google is debuting Soli radar technology in the phone’s notch, which will allow users to control their Pixel 4 with gestures without touching the screen. Also, the notable square bump on the back of the phone will house two cameras, a first for the Pixel series, which will make an already excellent photography phone even more capable.

If you want to learn everything there is to know right now about the Pixel 4, then we have a Pixel 4 round-up page which we regularly update with everything that’s confirmed, leaked or rumored.