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Hellblade 2 trailer, release date, gameplay and more

Hellblade 2
(Image credit: Xbox)

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 was one of the first confirmed Xbox Series X exclusives, having been announced during The Game Awards 2019. 

If Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is anything to go by, the new game will have you take control of Celtic warrior Senua and guide her through an emotionally harrowing quest that’s (hopefully) both immersive and ambitious. The Hellblade series takes a thoughtful look at mental illness through the lens of an historical action game, and Hellblade 2 looks like it will continue the trend.

While solid information on Hellblade 2 is scarce at present, we imagine we’ll get more of it pretty soon, as Microsoft is gearing up for a big reveal of first-party Xbox Series X content in July. Until then, there’s what we know about Hellblade 2, and what we can divine from contextual clues.

Hellblade 2 trailer

As mentioned above, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 has a cinematic release trailer that debuted during The Game Awards 2019. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below:

The trailer is mostly a mood piece, focusing on Senua herself undergoing some sort of intense ritual. Interspersed are images of oceans, mountains, fire, ships and runes. It doesn’t really tell us much other than that Senua will star in another game, and that it will be available for the Xbox Series X. (This also means it’ll be available for the Xbox One and the PC, since Microsoft has committed to making all of its first-party titles available cross-platform for at least a few years.)

Hellblade 2 release date

(Image credit: Ninja Theory)

As one of the first Xbox Series X games revealed, you might expect Hellblade 2 to be a launch title. And you may be right — or you may be wrong. At present, we have no idea. The trailer doesn’t give a release date, and Microsoft hasn’t highlighted the game in any other capacity yet.

Let’s put together a few factoids and hazard an educated guess, though. Hellblade 2 was one of the first Xbox Series X games announced, which means that if it’s not a launch title, it will probably at least be within the launch window. A launch window generally contains anything released within three months of the console in question. 

Assuming that the Xbox Series X launches in late November, the launch window will last until late March. That would put Hellblade 2’s release date somewhere between November 2020 and March 2021. The original Hellblade launched in the summer of 2017, so it seems reasonable to expect a sequel either this year or next. 

Hellblade 2 gameplay

(Image credit: Xbox)

Since the Hellblade 2 trailer was all prerendered cutscene footage, it’s hard to say what the gameplay might look like. In theory, it’ll resemble the first game, which was part exploration and part combat. The exploration sections challenged Senua to interact with environmental objects and solve puzzles. The combat sections let Senua string together simple combos to take on both human and supernatural foes. Neither half was incredibly complex, but the balance between the two worked well, and helped keep the story moving forward at a respectable clip.

In any case, we’ll probably have more information about Hellblade 2 after Microsoft’s July event. You can tune into that when it airs on the official Xbox Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube channels.

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