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Halo Infinite release date just leaked — here's when it will launch on Xbox Series X

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We might finally know when Halo Infinite will be arriving on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC, thanks to some comments made by one of the game’s actors.

Verlon Roberts recently appeared on the Fadam and Friends podcast, and seemed to confirm that Halo Infinite would be arriving this November. The exact date isn’t clear, but it’s a little bit more specific than the “Fall 2021” we got from 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite was supposed to be an Xbox Series X launch title and was originally slated to arrive alongside the console last November. But a series of delays meant that this didn’t happen. Halo Infinite has reportedly gone through a lot of changes since its less than stellar showcase last July, ranging from story to major graphical improvements

According to Joseph Staten, Halo Infinite’s Head of Creative and long-time voice of the Covenant Grunts, the delay boiled down to the studio needing more time to “make things right.” That can only be a good thing, especially after the pretty weak offering from Halo 5’s campaign.

But the release month isn’t the only revelation Roberts had. He also confirmed he will be playing Spartan Griffin in the game. Griffin was previously mentioned in the novel Shadows of Reach, but aside from the fact he was a member of Fireteam Taurus on the UNSC Infinity, nothing else has been revealed.

Roberts hasn’t revealed anything either, other than the fact he also did the motion capture performance and shared scenes with the actor playing Master Chief. So that seems to confirm that the game will feature Spartan supersoldiers other than the Master Chief, and the franchise’s main hero will interact with them. Despite what the E3 2019 trailer might have had us believe. 

It’s not clear whether Infinite itself will be in the game, since the same trailer claims it was destroyed.

The November launch shouldn’t have been a major surprise, since Halo games have historically launched during that month. The only question we have is which particular day will the game arrive? 

We suspect that it may well be November 15. That date marks the 20th anniversary of the Halo franchise, which kicked off with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved (and the original Xbox) on November 20, 2001. It’s not like 343i to ignore such a major milestone, and it would be a wasted opportunity to release Halo Infinite on a completely different day.

Halo Infinite is currently slated to arrive on next- and last-gen Xbox consoles, but obviously the Xbox Series X and Series S will offer better performance. If you’re a Halo fan, you may want to find where to buy Xbox Series X at some point over the next few months, so you can be prepared.

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