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Google Pixel 5 release date just leaked — here’s when it’s coming

Google Pixel 5 render
(Image credit: OnLeaks)

We know that the Google Pixel 5 release date is this fall, and a new leak suggests that it’s coming at the end of September. 

An internal document spotted by Teckcheck (via GSMArena) from telecoms carrier Vodafone has the Pixel 5 tipped to arrive in German stores on September 25. That would suggest that a launch event could be imminent and that the release of Google’s next flagship phone is merely a couple of weeks away. 

The document also has the Pixel 4a 5G pegged to be released on the same day. Given the Pixel 5 is expected to use the Snapdragon 765G, a mid-range Qualcomm 5G-enabled chip, Google will have two 5G phones vying to make our best phone list this fall.

There was no word on pricing from this leak, despite this being a retail-focused document. But a previous leak has the Pixel 5 priced at €629, which is roughly $699. That's some $100 cheaper then the Pixel 4 was at launch, which might not be that surprising given the Pixel 5 will have a mid-range chipset.  

The document only mentions a black color option for both phones, which might suggest Google is potentially only offering one color for the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G in order to streamline production. The coronavirus pandemic is thought to have disrupted Google’s roadmap for the Pixel 5. So we would not be surprised to see Google trim the color and storage options for the Pixel 5. 

Google Pixel 5 specs

Speaking of which, the Pixel 4 comes with 64GB of storage for its entry-level handset, Given that Pixel phones tend to be rather photography-centric, that amount of storage was fairly measly. So we’d rather expect Google to equip the Pixel 5 with 128GB of storage space as standard. We’re also expecting a bump in RAM, potentially seeing it raise from 6GB to 8GB. 

The other rumored Pixel 5 specs boosts include a 6.67-inch display and a battery upgrade from a 2,800 mAh pack to a 4,000 mAh battery. A previous leak had the battery pegged at 3,080 mAh. 

The Pixel 4 came with a pair of rear cameras, in standard and telephoto format. Given the trend to stick more cameras on the back of smartphones, we’re expecting the Pixel 5 to come with a trio of rear cameras, likely adding a wide-angle lens into the mix; something that was oddly missing in the Pixel 4. 

If the Pixel 5 does indeed launch September 25, it could arrive around the same time as the iPhone 12. That’s a dangerous position to be in as the leaks have Apple’s next smartphone tipped to offer significant upgrades over the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

If the Pixel 5 costs $699, it will be priced about the same as Apple's entry-level iPhone 12, which is expected to feature a fairly small 5.4-inch display. The Pixel 5 would undercut the Samsung Galaxy S20, which costs a fairly steep $999, but Samsung also reportedly has a cheaper Galaxy S20 Lite on the way.

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