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Google Assistant is now a truly universal translator with Interpreter mode

Google Assistant interpreter mode
(Image credit: Future)

Google Assistant has a number of translation skills, but perhaps none more useful than the powers it gained today. Now on both iOS and Android devices, you can ask Google Assistant to be your interpreter for 44 different languages.

Just say, "Hey Google, be my {insert language} interpreter," to turn on Google Assistant Interpreter mode. Once activated, Google Assistant acts as liaison for any conversation taking place between two different languages.

(Image credit: Google)

When using Google Assistant Interpreter mode, you’ll see and hear the translated conversation on your phone. After each translation, Google Assistant can also offer Smart Replies, giving you suggestions for your next response.

I saw the skill in action at a German cuisine holiday market and it worked well. I used Google Assistant to have a conversation there with a German-speaking host, during which I asked about the origins of the black forest cake we shared.

We used a Pixel 4 to hold our conversation, but when I travel to Europe in the spring, I'll be able to communicate with my iPhone 11 Pro Max using the Google Assistant app. 

But Pixel users can use Google Lens' Translate feature, too. The latest lens let you point your camera at text of over 100 languages and automatically overlay a translation in your dialect of choice.

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