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Get a Free 4K TV with Google's Pixel 4a in this killer EE Black Friday deal

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Black Friday deals season is the perfect time to upgrade all of your old tech, especially TVs and phones. There are a lot of discounts on both, but EE is offering the chance to get both out of the way simultaneously.

For a limited time, EE is offering a free LG 43-inch 4K Smart TV when you order a brand new Pixel 4a. Just be quick, because this deal won’t be around forever.


Free LG 43-inch 4K TV w/ Pixel 4a & 10GB data @ EE
Order a Pixel 4a on a plan with at least 10GB of data, and EE will send you a free LG 43-inch 4K TV (worth £400) as well. So you can upgrade your living room and your pocket in one fell swoop.

The TV in question is a 43-inch LG Smart TV, though EE doesn’t specify which one – just that it’s worth £400. Obviously there’s a catch as well, since you need to buy a Pixel 4a (not the Pixel 4a 5G) on a plan with at least 10GB of data. That means this TV will cost you at least £31 a month, plus £30 upfront.

However, you’ll still come out on top by the end, because you’d have to pay that much regardless of the TV. Because mobile data does not come cheap, especially at EE.

You’ve got until midnight on 26th November to get your order in and claim the TV, but as is the way with these things EE may run out of stock before then. If you need a new phone contract, and fancy yourself a free TV, this is the deal to get. Just be warned that it will take 15-25 days to arrive, so it probably won’t arrive before Christmas Day.

The Pixel 4a is, of course, a fantastic little phone. Not only is it cheap, it comes with a lot of great features for that price. We especially liked how good the camera is in our Pixel 4a review, as is the attractive design and the OLED display. Of course it doesn’t have 5G, and the battery could always be improved, but overall we liked what we saw. “Nearly perfect” are the words we used, and we stick by them.

So what are you waiting for? Get one of the year’s best phones, and a free TV bundled in with it.

Of course if neither of these devices appeals to you, there are plenty of other Black Friday deals to choose from. So check them out, and see if there’s anything more suited to your tastes.

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