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Galaxy Note 10 Will Kill MicroSD Slot (Report)

Galaxy Note 10
(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 launch is right around the corner. And now, we're hearing some conflicting reports on what will—and what won't—be making its way to the handset.

Serial leaker Evan Blass said on Twitter that the regular/smaller version of the Galaxy Note 10 (6.3 inches) will come with support for 45W charging, according to SamMobile, which earlier reported on his tweet.

However, the Galaxy Note 10 will allegedly ditch the microSD card slot, which would have allowed you to add more storage to the device. Samsung apparently believes the anticipated 256GB of onboard storage in the handset should suffice.

But he didn't stop there. Blass also reported that Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 lineup will come with a souped-up Snapdragon 855+ processor instead of the Snapdragon 855 you'd find in the Galaxy S10. He's also anticipating a 3600mAh battery pack in the Galaxy Note 10 and a 4300mAh battery pack in the Galaxy Note 10+. The Note 10+ would get a microSD slot.

Samsung, of course, isn't talking about its plans for the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. The company is planning to hold a special press event to unveil the handsets August 7 and has remained silent while the rumor mill continues to churn out reports. 

The 45W charging revelation in Blass' tweet is arguably the most important factor. Just last week, we heard reports that Samsung would offer 45W charging only in the Galaxy Note 10+. The ultra-fast charging option would allow you to rapidly charge the handset. 

However, that same report said that Samsung wouldn't bundle a charger in the Galaxy Note 10+ box. Instead, the company would sell the charger separately, pushing its cost even higher. 

If that's the case, it would only make sense that Samsung would turn on the fast-charging feature in both versions of the device. After all, it could expand the market that would otherwise buy the accessory.

Not including the microSD slot in the Note 10 might annoy some who have major data needs or want to transfer content to and from the phone with ease, but for most, it's an unnecessary component. And Samsung might have removed it to keep costs down. The headphone jack is also reportedly getting killed on both the Note 10 and Note 10+.

We'll find out for sure what Samsung has planned on Aug. 7 when the company holds its Unpacked event. Until then, check out our updated Galaxy Note 10 rumors and news hub page for all the latest info.