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First PS5 game pre-order is live — and it looks pretty damn cool

Scarlet Nexus PS5
(Image credit: Xbox)

PS5's big reveal event may have been postponed, but you can already pre-order a game for the upcoming console. The pre-order page doesn't tip Sony's PS5 release date schedule, though, as it's slated to deliver on December 31, 2021 — likely a generic placeholder date.

And the good news for all gamers is that this wild-looking action title isn't only going to be on Sony's next-gen console. Scarlet Nexus, from Bandai Namco, is available for pre-order at Amazon for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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Scarlet Nexus appeals to me right now because it's a heavily stylized anime-looking RPG set in a world that Bandi-Namco describes as 'BrainPunk.' That aligns pretty closely in terms of aesthetics with Persona 5 Royal, which I'm about 100 hours into at the moment. 

First announced last month, Scarlet Nexus has a trailer for you to get a glimpse of its style. In the trailer, we see a group of plant-based monsters called The Others, who have arrived on Earth and are wrecking house. 

Humanity's only hope appears to be a kid named Yuito Sumeragi, a sword-wielding psionic soldier whose body jacks into the world around him. In the pretty damn cool trailer, we see that Yuito's got a posse called the OSF, and it looks like each of their powers will be needed to stop The Others.

Will this pre-order news lead to more announcements? Or will we have to wait for Sony's rescheduled PS5 event this month? Stay tuned, we've got our eyes on all things PS5.