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Downloaded Disney Plus Shows and Movies Have a Really Neat Feature

BRAZIL - 2019/08/20: In this photo illustration the Disney+ (Plus) logo is seen displayed on a smartphone.
(Image credit: Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Movies come and go on Netflix and other streaming platforms, and it gives me a creeping sensation, that nothing lasts and everything is just borrowed. It turns out that Disney Plus is going to change how things work, at least a little bit.

At a Vanity Fair event, Disney CEO Bob Iger explained that "if you’re a subscriber, you can download [content] and put it on a device, and it will stay on the device as long as you continue to subscribe."

Yes, if another Spider-Man-like-spat arises (and it will), and content is removed from the Disney Plus library, said content won't vanish from your device if you've saved it for offline.

I'm also happy to hear this because I'm one of the folks who paid more to get an iPhone with more storage, storage I can now fill with episodes of The Mandalorian, X-Men (1992) and Gargoyles. All without worrying that some corporate dispute will Thanos-snap that content into the ether.

Of course, this news will probably leave folks asking "how could Disney content leave Disney Plus?" The answer is, simply: not all of the stuff you think is Disney-owned is entirely owned by The House of The Mouse. Indiana Jones movies, for one, are named on this big list of what won't be on Disney Plus at launch, because rights are shared by Paramount.

This is the latest tidbit that Iger's company believes will help it become a titan as it enters the streaming wars of 2019. He's also recently talked about how his company isn't concerned with Apple TV Plus costing $2 less per month. Personally, I understand the concern about movies coming and going, as I've seen it happen as I update our guides to the best movies on Netflix, and it's led me to buy Blu-rays.

Disney Plus launches on Nov. 12.