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Clubhouse for Android release date — here’s when it’s finally coming

Clubhouse for Android
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The super-exclusive Clubhouse app is finally coming to Android, but you're going to have to be a bit patient. Co-founder Paul Davison says (via TechCrunch) that it’s going to take a “couple of months” before the service will be launching on Android.

This news was confirmed Sunday during Clubhouse’s weekly Town Hall. More details haven’t been shared, so for now Clubhouse remains exclusive to iOS users. And even then you still need an invite to get involved.

Back in January Clubhouse confirmed it would be coming to Android, and that it would begin work on the app “soon”. No other timeline was announced at the time, meaning this news is still a good sign. 

Taking Davison’s words at face value, it means we’re looking at a late spring or early summer for Clubhouse’s Android debut. Which isn’t a huge wait, but every day Clubhouse doesn’t arrive on Android is another day other social networks have the chance to build up their own rival services.

Clubhouse alternatives filling the void

Twitter Spaces launched on Android last month, having been available on iOS since last December. The feature is still in beta, and isn’t due to launch to the public until next month. But it’s still got a head start on Clubhouse which, despite originally launching last year, has placed limits on who can sign up.

Instagram has also launched its own take with ‘Live Rooms’. The difference here is that Live Rooms is more like an extension to Instagram’s existing live-streaming features. With space for four people to take part in a single stream, it’s more like the TV to Clubhouse’s radio. Similarly, Instagram parent company Facebook is said to be working on its own Clubhouse clone, though it’s not clear when that might be ready to launch.

Even messaging service Telegram is working on its own version. And those are just the big names that we know about. There are countless other Clubhouse clones out there, and no doubt more well-known brands will have something of their own in the works.

Other Clubhouse changes on the way

But Davison explained that Clubhouse’s approach to scaling to a larger market requires a much slower pace. Established social networks don’t really have that issue. The last thing it wants is for people to have their in-app experience negatively affected because too many people are joining in.

He mentioned users seeing more foreign language groups in their feeds, and that they were having a harder time finding friends and good content as a result. That could easily be taken the wrong way, but at the same time users don’t want to be swamped with content in a language they don’t understand.

So changes are being made to Clubhouse, with tweaks to Activity feeds, better control over push notifications, and the launch of some personalization features. Other points Davison deemed as being “important” were localization, accessibility, and eventually dropping the invitation model. 

Apparently, the invite-only system may be dropped “in the coming months”. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens. 

In the meantime, just be aware that there is no Clubhouse app for Android. Google Play is swarming with fakes, and criminals are using the app’s hype to trick you into installing malware. So be vigilant.

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