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Black Friday Preview: Arcade 1Up machines $130 off

Arcade 1Up
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Black Friday is an excellent time for scoring deals on consoles and video games, but thanks to a few early Walmart Black Friday deals — it's also a solid time to pick up a new arcade machine. 

Currently, Walmart is taking up to $130 off a wide range of Arcade 1Up Machines. Target is offering this deal, but their sale won't go live till Black Friday (Nov. 29). By comparison, Walmart's deals are available now and with free delivery. 

Arcade 1Up Asteroids: was $299 now $169
The Asteroids console includes four games in one. You get Asteroids, Major Havoc, Lunar Lander, and Tempest. It's the cheapest arcade at $169.99 and it also has the biggest discount — $130 off. View Deal

Arcade 1Up Centipede: was $299 now $179
The Centipede console packs four games in one. You get Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command, and Crystal Castles. Your job in the headlining game is to take out the fast-moving centipede before it reaches and destroys your ship. The console is $120 off. View Deal

Arcade 1Up Final Fight: was $299 now $199
The Final Fight console features four games in one. You get Final Fight, 1944 The Loop Master, Ghost 'N Goblins, and Strider. The system is $100 off. View Deal

Arcade 1Up Galaga: was $299 now $199
Galaga is an old school arcade classic that no video game fan should be without. Use your spaceship to destroy and dodge attacking aliens. Even better, save a whole $100 while doing so. It also includes Galaxian. View Deal

Arcade 1Up Pac-Man: was $299 now $249
Gobble up energy pellets while dodging conniving ghosts as you play the godfather of video games in all its arcade glory. This console includes PacMan and PacMan Plus. It's $50 off. View Deal

Arcade 1Up Marvel Super Heroes: was $299 now $249
From Spider-Man to Doctor Doom, play are your favorite Marvel super hero (or villain) as you try to defeat Thanos and save the universe. The machine also includes The Punisher and X-Men. It's $50 off. View Deal

Each of the Arcade 1Up consoles features the original artwork of the classic game. You'll play using the original controllers/buttons and with the classic soundtrack. 

The machine all feature a 17-inch color screen and each console includes at least one extra game. (Some of them include four games total). They all stand 45.8-inches tall (about 3.8 feet), but you can purchase this Arcade 1Up Riser ($44.99) so they'll stand just shy of 5 feet. 

Make sure to follow our Black Friday gaming deals coverage for the best holiday deals. 

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